Benefits of Bilateral Exchange

Hamline has a strong relationship with the University of Trier which makes our bilateral exchange program great!  Although students from Hamline can study at a vast variety of universities all around the world, I was happy to study at a university that had a strong connection with Hamline.  The tight connection allows the Trier and Hamline study abroad professionals to be very knowledgeable and aware of our situations (where grades should be sent, how our stipend work, what dorms we would live in, etc), but also gave me a support system made up of the other students who had studid  there before.

As I updated my Facebook profile with issues, questions, or joys about my study abroad experience, many Hamline students who had studied in Trier would weigh in with tips, ideas, or simply offer understanding.

Whether it was posing questions about school-related concerns, lamenting about the gigabyte limit and the always malfunctioning printers, or sharing any number of exciting experiences, it was always comforting to hear from other students who had gone through it before.

Another great part of bilateral exchange was that I was able to pass on some of my belongings to the next Hamline student to study in Trier.   When arriving in Trier I purchased a lot of stuff!  Pots and pans, bath mat, shower curtain, lamp, sheets, pillow, rug, knives, plates—what seemed like SO MUCH stuff!  Instead of giving it away to a random person, I was able to connect with another student staying into the fall semester that could hold onto my stuff until the next Hamline student arrived.

Here’s me talking about this on my video blog:

(P.S.  I do this video blog for Hamline Marketing and Communications.  It was a fun excuse to record parts of my experience in Germany and some of the videos relate to what I will write about here— so it’s perfect!!)

Another great part of bilateral exchange is that it’s very likely that you will meet students coming to our university!  I was giving a presentation about Hamline for a gathering put on by Trier’s equivalent to the Study Abroad Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) and, in closing, asked if there were any questions.  Someone in the audience asked me which dorm I thought he should live in because he was coming to Hamline the following semester!  I was so excited to connect with students from Trier coming here.


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