Introductions and General Info

I am a senior at Hamline University majoring in German and Global Studies.  For spring semester 2010, I studied abroad in Trier, Germany.  This blog will primarily detail my experiences during the semester but also touch on other time I have spent abroad.  I am excited to share snit bits from my travels as well as observations and reflections though my lens as a global studies student and citizen of the world.

Trier is located on the south, west side of Germany close to France and Luxembourg.  The population of Trier is about 100,000 including most of the students that study and live there.  Trier’s claims to fame include (but are not limited to):  being the oldest city in Germany, the Porta Nigra, the birthplace of Karl Marx, and home to the Holy Tunic of Jesus.

I arrived in Trier on March 17th, 2010.  Orientation started the following day and the first three weeks were consumed with Einführungseminar (orientation) with German classes in the morning, taking-care-of-business activities in the afternoon (like setting up a bank account, registering for classes, filling out the variety of forms necessary to attend the university, register with the city, ect.) and fun activities on some of the evenings and weekends.  On April 12th, classes began.  The Summer Semester, as they call it, continued till July 16th. (I’ll give details about school in another post.)  Not only did I attend classes, I had the chance to travel to a variety of countries, meet lots of people, and have loads of adventures!

When I mention I will also touch on other experiences abroad, I am mainly referring to the 2005-2006 school year when I lived in Frankfurt, Germany as an exchange student through Rotary International.  I was 18 when I lived in Germany the first time and it proved to be a life hanging experience.  This being my first time returning to Germany, I, admittedly, had a lot of expectations and made several comparisons about the two experiences.  I’ll touch on some of that here. . .specifically because, for me, things just felt different the second time around.

Stay tuned for more. . .


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traveling, talking, thinking, discussing, laughing and trying to make sense of global and social justice issues
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