Traveling around Europe

The first time I was in Germany I had the opportunity to travel a bit around Europe but mainly around Germany itself.  It was a great experience because I have seen more of Germany than many Germans have.  (Isn’t that always the case?  People tend to not travel as much within their own county as they do when they are visiting a different country. For instance, I have never been to New York and a very large number of people I encountered in Germany and Europe have traveled there. . .or it is close to number one on their list!)

This time around I was able to do a lot of traveling within Europe!  I didn’t actually realize how many countries I had visited until I was filling out the Re-entry form for customs in the airport when I arrived home.  Many of the travel opportunities were made possible by the international student center at the Uni Trier (Internationales Zentrum) or because of relationships with other international students.

Here’s the list:

March 24th: Luxemburg (city), Luxemburg
Day trip with a friend from Greece.
Luxemburg was only a half hour train ride away from Trier!

April 8th:  Strasbourg, France
Day trip with the Internationales Zentrum


May 20th-26th: Torino, Italy
During vacation in the Penocostal Holiday (Pfingstferien), which I compare
to the German version of Spring Break, I went home with a friend from Italy!

June 9th-13th: Vienna, Austria
I took THE longest train trip in an effort to save some Euros and made it to Vienna in about 14 hours!  I was visiting the host sister from my first host family from my foreign exchange in 2005.  (It was the first time we’d met in person because
she had been abroad while I was living with her family.)

June 25th—27th:  Brussels and Bruges, Belgium
Another trip with the Internationales Zentrum!

July 23rd-27th: Tampere and Helsinki, Finland
After classes ended I was able to travel to Finland to spend time with a friend I had met
in Trier!  It was the most amazing trip and a fantastic end to my experience abroad.


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